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If you were ill and wanted someone to evaluate your symptoms, what kind of professional would you call?  Most likely, you would seek the advice of an M.D. – a medical doctor with specialized training that would enable him or her to perform certain tests, answer your questions, and provide you with a knowledgeable diagnosis that would lead to the fastest recovery possible.

Similarly, if your finances are compromised because you’re mortgage is underwater, or worse yet, you’re facing foreclosure, wouldn’t you want to contact a professional who was specifically trained to deal with that situation?  Wouldn’t you want to talk with someone who could answer your specific questions and guide you through your options?  A CSSN (Certified Short Sale Negotiator) does just that.

CSSN is a professional real estate designation meaning Certified Short Sale Negotiator.  A Realtor with the CSSN designation is uniquely qualified to handle your short sale because he/she has undergone intense training to learn specifically how to negotiate through the short sale process.  Whether dealing with the seller, the buyer, the buyer’s agent, lien holders, attorneys or accounts, the CSSN is equipped with professional negotiation techniques and skills that will bring the best possible outcome given the market situation and your personal circumstances.  The CSSN designation is now one of the most important qualifications in real estate. 

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