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Short Sale Investment



While many factors warrant careful evaluation when considering a short sale, for many homeowners, it's a good investment that makes sound financial sense.  Sometimes referred to as a 'strategic default', more and more financially savvy individuals are using the short sale to gain back control of their expenses and prepare for a better future. 


When you purchased your home, more than likely you viewed that purchase as an investment.  It would be an asset that would -- like other investments in your portfolio -- grow in value over the years.  But because of the severity of the market downturn, that value may have been reduced to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars below what you still owe on the debt.

Therefore, it may only make sense to relieve yourself of the debt, especially now when you will have no tax liability for that debt forgiveness.  Granted, you may experience a temporary drop in your credit score.  But the long-term benefits you'll receive by shoring up your liquidity will, in most cases, more than make up for this hit. 

Educate yourself about the process.  Talk to your financial planner or CPA.  Then, call Tom Henschen, a Certified Short Sale Negotiator from Tom Henschen and Associates.  Start investing in your future today.

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